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Now that you have gained additional experience and have more classes under your belt, it’s time to revisit and update your resume. Utilize this resume resource to begin the update process. 

A Mock Interview with a Career Advisor is a great way to practice for an interview and receive feedback surrounding what you did well and some areas of opportunities. Mock Interviews typically take about 60 minutes, including the feedback portion. Before you schedule your Mock Interview, review these commonly asked questions to start brainstorming some responses.

As you practice these answers, consider the roles you will be applying to and the skills/responses that the hiring manager may be looking for. Always remember to answer questions honestly during an interview.

Before you begin applying for jobs, you will want to make sure you are “job search ready” in the event an employer calls and wants to schedule an immediate interview. This checklist is designed to help you feel confident about beginning the job search. 



Congratulations on reaching 90 credits! As you approach graduation, it’s time to get ready for the actual job search. 

We have included a checklist of preparation items that we recommend, but make sure to continue to stay on track with your Individual Development Plan. 

 90 -120 CREDITS


When you are looking for a new role or career, networking allows you to market yourself to others in the field. In its simplest form, networking is essentially talking to anyone about the job search. By talking with people about your qualifications, positions, and employers of interest, you may hear about job leads or resources that you didn’t know about. Additionally, networking allows us to connect people to opportunities. As you begin to network with individuals, consider the type of help you could offer these people as well. A connection within a company often is a much easier way to get your resume in the hands of a hiring manager. Utilize this Networking Planner to begin planning and brainstorming your networking plan. 

Fun Fact: 80% of companies hire someone that was “already known” to the employer via a shared connection or employee referral.