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Congratulations, graduate! Now that you’ve graduated, the work doesn’t end. Whether you’re looking for a promotion or switching industries completely, your job search will require dedication, patience, and persistence. Utilize the tips below to continue navigating your career beyond graduation. 


While Job Searching:

  • Be sure to utilize a Job Search Tracker to keep track of your job applications. If you aren’t seeing results, take a look at how many jobs you are applying to each day/week and consider increasing it. 
  • Continue to engage with your fellow Alum on AU Connect
  • Don’t lose momentum and remember to stay motivated to get to your final destination 
  • Connect with a Career Advisor to discuss your efforts and receive feedback/support
  • Continue to revise your marketing materials (resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, etc.)
  • Keep growing your network
  • Utilize even more job search resources


Career Management: 
Once you’ve landed your first role post-graduation, or want to move up within your current organization, it’s important that you still manage your career. Revisit your long-term goals often and make sure you are on track by continuing to accomplish your short-term goals and building your skillset for future opportunities.