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Professional Attire:

Sometimes you don’t get a lot of notice before an interview. In fact, a recruiter might ask if you can meet the same day or the next. Because you will need to be ready to act on short notice, it’s important to have an interviewing outfit ready.

  • ​Conservative, professional outfits are required for interviews
  • Jeans, tee shirts, and sandals are never appropriate interview attire
  • If you have tattoos, do your best to have those covered during the interview to minimize distractions

Tips for Women:

  • Professional slacks are a great “go to” piece (leggings are never okay)
  • Consider the neckline of your blouse--- the higher the neckline, the better
  • Keep your shoulders covered. If your blouse doesn’t have sleeves, add a cardigan to the outfit.
  • If you chose to wear a skirt or a dress, make sure the length is appropriate. A good rule of thumb is no shorter than 3 fingers above your knee.

Tips for Men:

  • Button up shirts with a tie is the safest route to take
  • Professional and ironed slacks make a great first impression (avoid jeans, cargo pants, or athletic wear)
  • For footwear, avoid sneakers and sandals. Instead, wear some nice professional men's shoes.